RESTORE The Baldwin Schools Program...... IMPROVE Student Achievement.....
      REWORK The  Collective Bargaining Agreements

On Long Island,money for education has become money for educators.
Public school educators are inflating & eviscerating public school budgets.​
The Baldwin School District has limited resources. NY State has limited resources.
      The  excessive salaries & benefits  of teachers & administrators have resulted in larger class sizes, program cuts, supply cuts, extracurricular cuts, delayed capital repairs / tech improvements, transportation cuts &  excessive school property taxes.       Money intended to enrich students is diverted to enriching educators.

New York   .... 1st in educational (mis)spending, 20th in educational achievement nationally  ...
      USA.... 1st in educational (mis)spending, 30th in educational achievement worldwide ...

re:    Baldwin UFSD #10  Baldwin, Long Island, NY

      Represented by:
      Assemblyperson  Earlene Hooper
      Assemblyman Brian Curran
      Senator  John Brooks
      Senator Todd Kaminsky

          Baldwin School District Compensation

(salaries & benefits) 

"Learn more  ....        JUDGE FOR YOURSELF"

Key Facts
*  The collective bargaining agreements determine the solvency of the school district

My Property Taxes/ Your Property Taxes
          Schools are 69% of property taxes.

  *  Median Educator Salary.....
    $  112,800.         (for <9 months work per year)

 *  With Benefits (health care + pension).            $140-150,000.    (for <9 months work per year)

*              If Educators worked a full year   (like the Baldwin Residents who fund their compensation), their rate of compensation would be
            over $ 195,000/year

      Superintendent's Contract  (2014-2017)

Proof of $8.2 million2013 budget surplus from​​ audit Proof of $8.4 million           2014 budget surplus
            Proof of $10.1 m  2015 budget surplus

        School Rankings:  How low will Baldwin go?​​
2014           Administrators' Salaries......
all schools & district office

2014-15      School Principals.....
3 den mothers paid like Pashas...           guess who?

New!.......  All Salaries 2016

New!......  2015 Financial Audit
    cash surplus of $ 8.5 million last year

*          All Salaries  

      *      English Department  High School &Middle School
        *  Special Education     All Schools
        *  Psychologists, Librarians, Guidance, Social Work
        *  Social Studies   HS & MS
        *    Physical Education     All Schools
   Mathematics   HS & MS
        * Science  High School & Middle School
        *  Art, Music, Tech, Home/Careers, Business

Lenox School - Elementary
        New !  Steele School - Elementary
        ....Brookside School -  Elementary
         .....Plaza School - Elementary
        ......Meadow School - Elementary

 *  All Salaries 2012Recent Pensions        *  Other Pensions * 2013 Retirees

        For Comparison:

Douglas County School District(outside Denver,CO)
        cars,food,homes,health insurance,utilities, fuel  are costly.... property taxes are not
Burbank, CA Unified School District (Los Angeles, CA)
Baldwin Community Schools, Baldwin, Michigan
        Private Sector Teachers... Catholic Schools NY
Newark, Delaware
Christina School District  Delaware
Cupertino, California  salary schedule
        Cupertino, CA  home prices

Understanding Your School Board Members (the typhoid Marys)

Karyn Reid,
Karyn Reid, teacher
The teachers' association electoral support was immediately reciprocated. Uses our low wealth residents to cudgel the state for more money.... ....taxes our low wealth residents more to hand over to her well off educator colleagues...

​​Lots of teachers were handling out campaign literature to reelect Ms. Reid.  They'll be repaid well in the new contract.

 * Joel Press, Esq.  "Little Mary"
Mary Jo's right hand helper​ 

  Ms. Seniority... The Original  UFSD # 10 "Typhoid Mary"s:
  Mary Jo O'Hagan

   Mary Jo... tax hike hypocrite
             ......she doesn't like to pay the piper.....

    Susan Cools....    recently elected

  Annie Doresca...   a fiscal watchdog with no bark,  her financial degree is only useful as wallpaper.   Annie turns her blind eye @ school district financials.
     A fifth columnist for her spouse/teacher ... students, buildings & program are the lowest priority. She runs from a full time mid-Manhattan job to 7 children@ home and sprints thru her responsibilities on the school board. 
      Its a fast paced blur of a nonentity doing the minimal.  She laps the field in worthless  padded resumes.  Her multitasking only allows a Rosie Ruiz contribution to the marathon of school district responsibilities.

Want More Information

     *  contact:  

             Bob O’Baldwin™ is the trademark name of a Baldwin based organization advocating honesty, transparency and  fiscal sanity within the Baldwin Union Free School District # 10.  As of May 17, there were 452 dues paying members.

                                        *  School District Link

Key Dates

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Featured Articles

"Deceiving the Baldwin Taxpayer"
Our annual budget surpluses... $4.6million , $8.2m, $8.4m, $10m,  $12.3m.... always TAX TO THE MAX!

State Comptroller DiNapoli reprimands Baldwin SD for
          padding budgets & overcharging residents

 Stop Bullying: 
                        When the School District IS The Bully!

 The Manhasset School District, the very best on Long Island,  opts in with a 94% opt in rate.

          But The Baldwin School District coaches the parents to opt out.... to cover up our embarrassingly low scores.

Copiague School District:
The Educators Rip-off The Poor

Bad Boys 4: Nassau...How The Rockville Centre  School District Squanders Generous New York State Aid

  The New Math....         our 2015  1.5% tax hike is actually a           4% real tax hike    (~ $325./)... we run up > $13 million surpluses in last two years while cutting the school musical etc.

NEW! :  The  Solution:  
Salary  Guidelines To Adjust State Aid

  The Transportation Referendum           (Feb/2013)
Remember the pitch?...  $ 1 million in savings....              the actual voting proposition stated " a cost reduction of $1M"
   the reality.... $ 82,000. cost reduction

Typical Baldwin SD.... less for more... now K-5 walks 2 miles instead of 1 mile.....              see Transportation Tab on top menu for additional information
James Scannell Bus Blunder : How he wasted significant $$ in transportation.  The two fleet blunder.
 How Mr. Scannell became the most expensive Superintendent on LI

  School District Bus Service Comparison

    We pay Cadillac property taxes in Baldwin but most students don't merit even a ride...                worst service in the County & on Long Island....               bottom of the barrel

*  NY Post:  "Head of the Crass"
The Baldwin School Board fires a whistle blower and ends up paying $ 1.6M after being found liable for $6.5M by jury.  Bad advice,               costly advice by our high priced Administration. The School District covers up for a former Middle School Principal.

The $ 6.5 million verdict

  *  NY Times:  Gov.  Cuomo calls for Superintendent Salary Cap of $175,000
New Jersey currently has A Salary Cap of $175,000 for school district superintendents.

*  money:  Two Financial Bubbles
How exorbitant salaries are supported only by government coercion and an abusive public monopoly... just like the housing bubble

  *  sports:  Trifecta
 How the educators have hit the jackpot through the rigged collective bargaining process

      * math: Arithmetic of the 8 month work year
 A double proof of  the educators' substandard work year that is coupled with super-sized compensation

       *  therapy:  LI's Incurable Tax Addicts
 Why we need intervention & remediation for our own School Board VP Mary Jo O'Hagan, who not only drinks the habit forming kool-aid but serves it as President of the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association.

Articles Coming Soon

*politics:  Rigged
How The School Budget Vote is Rigged by the Education Mob