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On Long Island,money for education has become money for educators.
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 Baldwin School District Salaries.... add 35% for benefits
                                        Salaries are for only nine months work/year​​


Public school educators are inflating & eviscerating public school budgets.​  Our school budget is their grab bag.  Aided and abetted by colleagues, sympathizers and well meaning clueless members on school boards.  A state backed abusive monopoly that the state had to rein in with 2% tax cap.  A fiscal cancer damaging NY, Nassau & Baldwin.

Annual tax hikes are pass thru revenue to the salaries & benefits of public educators.
Educator-heavy school boards collude to sign  rich sweetheart contracts​ , "self-dealing" with their colleagues.

Baldwin SD:  Entitled to their annual tax/budget hike???   
2019 Budget         features 8.47% salary hike for Supervisors(people already paid $140k- $210k)​

​The School ​Budget  is funded by 70% of your property taxes, 25% of NY State Income taxes, 12% NY State Sales tax revenue, part of electric bill  15% (property taxes on PSEG) and the heavy property taxes on every business in Baldwin passed on to customers

2008-18Enrollment down  - 16%    as   budget increases  +30% 
Baldwin:   $ 131 million budget / 4526 students (8 schools)  = $ 29k/student = $ 10/gallon @ Valero = $12 BigMac​

​Money intended to enrich students is diverted to enriching educators.

New York   .... 1st in educational (mis)spending, 20th in educational achievement nationally  ...
West Virginia far exceeds New York​ in  primary &  secondary education achievement 
​source:  NCES  National Center for Educational Statistics

re:    Baldwin UFSD #10  Baldwin, Long Island, NY

      Represented by:
      Assemblyperson  Erlene Hooper                                                                                                                                   
      Assemblyman Brian Curran
      Senator Todd Kaminsky




A​​​​​​​​​​​​udits & Contracts
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​​ e.g .DR. "Spendthrift" CAMHI's $300,000 contract

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..annual tax/budget hikes become exorbitant salaries & benefits...  (see Salaries page on menu above)

​​B​aldwin School Compensation

(salaries & benefits) 

"Learn more  ....  JUDGE FOR YOURSELF"

Key Facts
*  The collective bargaining agreements determine the solvency of the school district

My Property Taxes/ Your Property Taxes
Schools are 70% of property taxes.

Median salary
 $  115,000.   (for <9 months work per year)
236 educators above $ 115K  + benefits ​+ short work year (< 9 months)  see Salaries page

221 educators below $ 115k
112 between 100-115k    32 between 90-100k
28 between 80-90k          23 between 70-80k
26 between 60-70k​​   All just 8-9 months work/yr
Benefits are worth & cost an additional 31- 41%      (for <9 months work per year)

School Rankings:  How low will Baldwin go?​​
source:   http://www.city-data.com/forum/long-island/1563737-long-island-school-district-rankings.html

​​Baldwin SD:  Bottom Quintile Rating in Nassau County

2017​ Twenty (20) Baldwin School District employeees make more and work much  less than the
​NY State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli 
​Source:  seethroughny.net/payrolls

Dr. Jimmy the Greek
2018: Baldwin's newest additional administrator @ $140,000​..... ...................
starting salary​ courtesy of DR. "Spendthrift" CAMHI,  our $300,000 Superintendent

 Our Current School Board Members
​    (the typhoid Marys)

Karyn Reidmath teacher
 Karyn  uses the taxes of our low wealth residents to hand over to her well off educator colleagues.  And then begs NY for more because we're poor! 
​​  .
The Baldwin teachers heavily campaigned for  Karyn Reid, paying off a debt of gratitude from the last contract Karyn Reid signed​ as Board President.

Meanwhile our math scores are so low ​​, the District hired a new additional Math administrator (Mr. Lok Yung) to figure out   why Baldwin is so bad ?

Cheerleader wannabe Mrs. Reid  cares about sports, sports, sport, sports.... academics?  fuhgettaboutit​!

​Math teacher Reid's interest in numbers is limited to basketball scores.​

​Joel Pressschool district administrator         (North Babylon School District)

Board President 

 "little mary" : Mary Jo's right hand helper​ 

Joel joins the gang,  jumps on the gravy train. 
​Aspires to be fat cat "educator."

Mary Jo O'Hagan, teacher
 ......she doesn't like to pay the piper.....
..............Tax hike hypocrite​.........

Typhoid Mary
​how her pestilence of tax hike
s has sickened Baldwin, Nassau County & New York State​​​

Mary Jo O'Hagan,  tax addict



Susan Cools....   real estate agent

lightweight, clueless rubber stamp,
​along to get along...

voted yes for rich Superintendent contract, voted yes to $7 million of (padded) over budgeted expenditures in budget (the fraudulent budget),  voted yes to 8% salary hike to overpaid  supervisors ($140-200k)

Mrs Cools was lucky to be elected among large field that split the vote​​...

It was ​​a fluke win. This will be her only term... no loss

Annie Doresca,    teacher spouse & Chief Financial Officer   (Jewelers of America)

voted yes for rich Superintendent contract, voted yes to $7 million of (padded) over budgeted expenditures in budget (the fraudulent budget), voted yes to 8% salary hike to overpaid supervisors ($140-200k)​​

Want More Information?

contact:  baldwinbudgetfacts@gmail.com  

​is the trademark name of a Baldwin based organization advocating honesty, transparency and  fiscal sanity within the Baldwin Union Free School District # 10.  

​As of May 15, 2018, there were 331 dues paying members.

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​​Featured Articles

"Support​​ the budget" ... is code for vote for another annual tax hike/ budget hike.

When educators threaten the students' program,  the gullible parents  cough up another tax hike. 
It works every year! LOL!​​​

2019 Budget: Administrators Gain 8.47% Salary Hike
A pay raise for those already earning $ 140-210K​​​ courtesy of DR. "Spendthrift" CAMHI & compliant BOARD

Assessment Challenges:  Pin Your Taxes on Your Donkey Neighbor​​

Unfunded NY State Mandates???

NY State provides Baldwin with 1/3 of its school budget (over $ 45 million.)  The administrators and board members continuously  deceive constituents about "unfunded state mandates."​​​

Deceiving the Baldwin Taxpayer

The budget is an
 annual fraud with expenditures overstated by $7 million annually​ by scheming Board & Administration.

Our annual budget surpluses... $4.6million , $8.2m, $8.4m, $10m,  $12.3m.... always TAX TO THE MAX!

State Comptroller DiNapoli reprimands Baldwin SD   .        .   
f​​or  padding budgets & overcharging residents

Stop Bullying: 
​ When the School District IS The Bully!

 The Manhasset School District, the very best on Long Island,  opts in with a 94% opt in rate.
But The Baldwin School District coaches the parents to opt out.... to cover up our embarrassingly low scores.​

The  Solution:  
Salary  Guidelines To Adjust State Aid


The Transportation Referendum

​Feb. 2013: Remember the pitch?...
​  $ 1 million in savings....              the actual voting proposition stated " a cost reduction of $1M"
 the reality.... $ 82,000. cost reduction

​Typical Baldwin SD.... less for more... now K-5 walks 2 miles instead of 1 mile.....              

Superintendent James  SCANNELL's Bus Blunder :
​How he wasted significant $$ in transportation.  The two fleet blunder.

​​ How Mr. James SCANNELL, MRS. O'HAGAN's crony hire, became the most expensive Superintendent on LI

School District Bus Service Comparison
 We pay Cadillac property taxes in Baldwin but most students don't merit even a ride...                

The BALDWIN SD #10  has the ​​worst bus service in the County ........  bottom of the barrel

Sexual Harassment Settlement Costs:   $ 2.3 million taxpayer dollars​​

NY Post:  "Head of the Crass"
                  Sexual Harassment​
The Baldwin School Board fires a sexual harassment whistle blower and ends up paying $ 1.6M after being found liable for $6.5 milion by a jury.  The School District covers up for a former Middle School Principal. 

MRS. MARY O'HAGAN's first "$ 300,000" Superintendent (Dr. Kathi Weiss)  blunders and Baldwin keeps the MS Principal in a rubber room for 3 years @ the  additional
cost of $ 700,000.

The $ 6.5 million verdict


NY Times:  Gov.  Cuomo calls for Superintendent Salary Cap of $175,000
New Jersey currently has a salary cap of $175,000 for school district superintendents.

math: Arithmetic of the 8 month work year
 A double proof of  the educators' substandard work year that is coupled with super-sized compensation

MRS. O'HAGAN's​​​​ WAR                                                    ON THE NASSAU COUNTY TAXPAYER & RATEPAYER


therapy:  LI's Incurable Tax Addicts
Why we need intervention & remediation for our own School Board  member Mary Jo O'Hagan, who not only drinks the habit forming kool-aid but serves it as President of the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association.

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