RESTORE The Baldwin Schools Program...... IMPROVE Student Achievement.....
REWORK The Expired Collective Bargaining Agreements
                      80% of the $122 Million Dollar Budget is Personnel Expenditures
                                  $ 23M of the $122 M Dollar Budget is Personnel Benefits

Money for education has become money for educators. The Baldwin School District has limited resources. The excessive salaries & benefits of teachers & administrators have resulted in larger class sizes, program cuts, supply cuts, extracurricular cuts, delayed capital repairs / tech improvements, transportation cuts & excessive school property taxes.
Baldwin School District Compensation
(salaries & benefits) 

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NEW ! Superintendent's Contract  (2014-2017)

A Solution:  Salary Cap Guidelines To Adjust State Aid

NEW ! The New Math.... our 2015  1.5% tax hike is actually a 4% real tax hike    (~ $325./)... we run up > $16 million surpluses in last two years while cutting the school musical etc.

Proof of $8.2 million 2012-13 budget surplus from​​ audit
New !... Proof of $8.4 million 2014 budget surplus
School Rankings:  How low will Baldwin go?​​
Baldwin Falsifies Business Records

2013-14 Audited Financial Statement

*All Salaries
2014 Baldwin School District

English Department  High School &Middle School
Special Education     All Schools
Psychologists, Librarians, Guidance, Social Work
*  Social Studies   HS & MS
New !  Physical Education     All Schools
    New !   Mathematics   HS & MS
* Science  High School & Middle School
Art, Music, Tech, Home/Careers, Business

 all schools & district office
New ! ..... 2014-15 School Principals.....
 3 den mothers paid like Pashas... guess who?

New !   Lenox School - Elementary
New !  Steele School - Elementary
New!.....Brookside School -  Elementary
New! .....Plaza School - Elementary
New!......Meadow School - Elementary
 *  All Salaries 2012Recent Pensions        *  Other Pensions * 2013 Retirees

For Comparison:
Douglas County School District(outside Denver,CO)
cars,food,homes,health insurance,utilities, fuel  are costly.... property taxes are not
Burbank, CA Unified School District (Los Angeles, CA)
Baldwin Community Schools, Baldwin, Michigan
Private Sector Teachers... Catholic Schools NY
Newark, Delaware
Christina School District  Delaware
Cupertino, California  salary schedule
Cupertino, CA  home prices

Key Facts
*  The collective bargaining agreements determine the solvency of the school district

*  Median Educator Salary.....
$  112,800.         (for <9 months work per year)

  *  With Benefits (health care + pension).              $140-150,000.    (for <9 months work per year)

*  If Educators worked a full year   ( like the Baldwin Residents who fund their compensation), their rate of compensation would be
over $ 195,000/year

Understanding Your School Board Members

    *  Karyn Reid, President

Updated:  * Joel Press, Esq.

   *  Ms. Seniority... Ms. Generosity:
             Mary Jo O'Hagan

   *  Businessman:  Mr. Eric Harrison

   *  Contrarian:  Deborah Rebore

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     *  contact:          *  The BaldwinBudget Website will gladly make a  20 minute presentation to any Baldwin Community organization
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What Can I Do?  
Individuals have the right, responsibility & ability to effect change.... helpful hints

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      Key Dates

Next Board Meeting​:
Wed.  Feb. 4 @ HS:  Budget work session
Wednesday  February 11 @ HS  8 pm
Wed.  Feb 25 @ HS:  Budget work session

Wednesday  January 28  MS  Community Input

Featured Articles

New!  The Transportation Referendum (Feb/2013)
Remember the pitch?...  $ 1 million in savings....
 the reality.... $ 82,000. cost reduction

Typical Baldwin SD.... less for more... now K-5 walks 2 miles instead of 1 mile.....  see Transportation Tab on top menu for additional information

New!  School District Bus Service Comparison
We pay Cadillac property taxes in Baldwin but most students don't merit even a ride... worst service in the County.

*  NY Post:  "Head of the Crass"
The Baldwin School Board fires a whistle blower and ends up paying $ 1.6M after being found liable for $6.5M by jury.  Bad advice, costly advice by our high priced HR Superintendent. The School District covers up for a former Middle School Principal.

The $ 6.5 million verdict

*  NY Times:  Gov. Cuomo calls for Superintendent Salary Cap of $175,000
New Jersey currently has A Salary Cap of $175,000 for school district superintendents.

*  The Empress is Wearing No Clothes
LI School Boards & Superintendents meet at the Melville Hilton to practice their scapegoating talking points blaming NY State for their financial woes caused by their own overpaying of their teachers & administrators.

* humor:  The new school elective:  Begging!
How school misspending is enabled by community fundraising beggary

*  money:  Two Financial Bubbles
How exorbitant salaries are supported only by government coercion and an abusive public monopoly... just like the housing bubble

*  sports:  Trifecta
 How the educators have hit the jackpot through the rigged collective bargaining process

* math: Arithmetic of the 8 month work year
 A double proof of  the educators' substandard work year that is coupled with super-sized compensation

*  therapy:  LI's Incurable Tax Addicts
 Why we need intervention & remediation for our own School Board VP Mary Jo O'Hagan, who not only drinks the habit forming kool-aid but serves it as President of the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association.

* human relations: Good Parents(aren't enablers)
  Why our schools need tough love to improve.

Articles Coming Soon

*politics:  Rigged
How The School Budget Vote is Rigged by the Education Mob

*rhetoric:  Teachers' Association Talking Points
A point by point refutation of the union's insipid arguments in defense of their overcompensation

* troubleshooting:  The Long Term Solution
How to improve the school district's financial health and student achievement  while reducing class size  by reworking the collective bargain agreements with our educators.